Who are we?

M é ja's story; It started with the desire of Master Architect Süverçe Çilek Akın, the representative of a family that has been producing textiles for half a century, to blend the elite living space designs and instruments in which he was very interested in, in a way that would appeal to sensory pleasures... and the brand "M é ja", meaning table, emerged. output.

Akın applied the clear use of color scale and line, which he observed during his master's degree in England, on the table culture he acquired from family codes, and created a table textile collection "MÉJA.MAYA" that reveals emotion with design talent.

Méja lovingly embraces food culture , which is the fundamental value of humanity and common life . The Maya collection has been meticulously produced to add value to the tables with its modern and stylish style. M é ja with royal colours . Maya collection consists of designs where gold and silver embroidery meets simplicity and makes the table shine.

M e ja . We hope that you will meet the Maya collection as soon as possible and be with you in your most special moments in "a life consisting of the sum of small happinesses".